GT6 Rolling Body Rig

Jan 3rd 2004

After several requests for info on my body rig, I've put the info down on paper.

The rolling body rig was created out of necessity. I needed to put my body tub somewhere while I worked on my frame, but I faced a storage/space issue. We live in a town house with a single garage. So right away the rotisserie styled rig was out of the question. I could not fit the frame and the body in the garage this way. I also wanted something I could move myself. Plus I need to be able to more the frame or the body. So the rolling body rig was born.

As you can see from the picture the design is clean and simple. Its basically a wood cart, but expanded a little.



24 pieces of 8 feet long 2x4 wood. (All 24 fit into my 97 2 door Cavalier.)
4 Ball bearing 200lbs load caster wheels. (Locks if you wish, but they cost more.)
Ton of wood screws!


Outside dimensions 8'4" long, 6'3" wide", 3'3" high.
Inside dimensions 7'6" long 5'2" wide 3'3" high.

With the body on top it was 7 feet in total height and as you can see the frame just fit underneath. If I had space, I would have lowered the body a lot more as it make working on the body very hard.

Another requirement was it had to deal with the SNOW! Worked out good. The only close call I ever had was in the spring on a very windy day. The rig almost rolled off the drive way onto the lawn. Ekk!

If you have any further questions please contact me, I'd be more then happy to help.

You'll notice in the last 2 pictures the rig has moved. After I took it apart, it was placed under my deck. I was a little worried it was going to go to waste, but my friend Bob needs it for his GT6 project. Bob's a braver man then I. :)