Welcome to the new home of Josh Bowler's Spitfire info.

Josh closed down his site in early 2007, he has moved onto other projects.

He however has kindly allow me to host his info for historic purposes. (Thanks Josh, your R&D is very handy)

The new url is http://www.gt6.ca/josh/

**Some long file names were altered to work better with my server.**


Building a Triumph Spitfire For Performance
Supercharged Triumph Spitfire!!! DIY Programmable Ignition System
Triumph Spitfire 5 Speed Gearbox Conversion! CV Rear Drive Shaft Conversion
Jan 2006 Car Specs

Downloads and Data

How Much Horsepower Can You Hope To Get? Overview of My Cars Pre Supercharged Specifications
Horsepower And Tyre Calculators Some Details of The Modifications

Engine, Cylinder Head Volumes And Gearbox Data

Some details of the Engine Block Internals and Cylinder Head Modifications

Some Useful Software

Some of The Costs Involved

Triumph TV Commercials (Offline Due To Missing Links)


Tuning Manuals And Other Reading Material (Offline Due To Missing Files)

Things That Make You Say Poo!
Triumph Spitfire Prototype Photograph